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Hershey Family Sunset Session

Sometimes I pinch myself. I can't believe how lucky I really am. I get to wake up everyday, work for myself, and make amazingly beautiful images of people to cherish. When I met the Mitchells I knew ... READ the POST

Fun, Colorful Senior Session

From the moment I met Alexa and her family I knew we would be friends and really, I wouldn't consider them anything less. Their family is full of love and life and have always made me feel like family ... READ the POST

Ice Cream Minis

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE ice cream. It's a family thing. My little Grammy loved it. Gram followed suit. My Nana still enjoys a bowl a night. Mom keeps a stockpile, and I grew up ... READ the POST

Sunset Senior Portraits: Josie

Senior pictures are some of the most fun sessions to shoot. Each student brings so much personality to their session that I never get bored. Josie, of course didn't disappoint. She glammed it up with ... READ the POST

Sweet Cupcake Ipsum

Sweet roll cotton candy candy gingerbread I love. Chocolate bar icing icing. Dragée marzipan I love cheesecake soufflé. I love jelly dessert icing caramels cake bear claw I love. Gummies bonbon chupa ... READ the POST

Example of an Image Gallery

No, no, the Pirate Ipsum doesn't really match this beautiful theme. Some would say that it doesn't go with the design at all. Whaat?! I will pretend I didn't know & provide the Pirate Ipsum link ... READ the POST

A little Ipsum

Oh dear Bacon how I love thee! Honestly if it wasn't for my love of this delicious meat I would probably be a vegetarian. Get your Bacon Ipsum HERE Spicy jalapeno bacon ipsum dolor amet salami jowl ... READ the POST

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